Throne of Want

A community driven Dark Souls II speedrun leaderboard using the Google Sheets API.



Throne of Want is a small leaderboard I developed in my spare time to contribute to the Dark Souls II speedrunning community. My goal was to create a small application that can be easily updated and maintained by community members without the need to implement and maintain user authentication.

To create this application under those requirements, I chose to use the Google Drive API paired with the fantastic data binding library rivets.js.

Together they enabled me to create a set of shared spreadsheets that can be edited by a large number of users simultaneously while using Google's user accounts to organize and add additional editors without creating and managing new accounts.

Due to most users on the internet having a Google account, this was an easy way to ease the burden and frustration of adding contributors and ensure that community members could easily contribute.

Additionally, Google Sheets provides basic version control for all of the data if we ever need to revert back to previous scores.

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Status: Completed
Created: April, 10th 2014
Role: Design / Engineering
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Gulp
  • Google Sheets API