The Binding of The Office

A collection of mods for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ that adds various items based on the television show, The Office.

Project Overview

This modification adds in various items based on certain characters and events in the show. Currently, it features three new items with plans to expand to introduce an item for each character in the show.

Item Type Effect
Boss' Mug Passive Increases all stats and provides you with a tear modification
Dundie Active Delivers poison and fear damage to all enemies in the room in addition to area of effect damage to any nearby enemies.
HR Violation Active Displays a random "that's what she said" setup and gives you a random Mom Item. It also has a chance to self-destruct upon use.

Each item comes with an in-game description of it's effects that will be displayed if you also have the External Item Descriptions mod installed.

In addition to these new items, this mod also replaces all fortunes with "That's what she said!" setups from the show. These will be displayed in place of the originals when using any items that display fortunes, including the new HR Violation item.

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Project Details

Status: Released
Date: January, 27th 2018
Role: Design / Programming
  • Aseprite
  • Lua