A experimental physics toy that blends the environment of a pinball machine with the movement of a top-down shooter.



My entry for the 41st Ludum Dare game jam. Built around the theme of "two incompatible genres".

Pivit was designed to be a physics toy that provided the traditional elements found inside of pinball machines paired with freeform movement of top down shooters. I imagined what it would be like if the paddles of a pinball machine could be controlled by the player and moved around the game area.

In response to this newfound freedom of movement, the game now required additional mechanics to increase the difficulty and provide a consistent challenge that players could learn from and improve on. So, different types of bumpers were introduced - some that you protect and others that you target. With this balance in mind, the player has to carefully anticipate not only where the ball will go from direct hits, but also where the ball will go from colliding with other bumpers and the environment.

In it's current state, it provides a fun sandbox environment for experimenting with the physics. As I continue to work on this, It will likely see large sweeping changes as I explore new gameplay mechanics.

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Status: Completed
Created: April, 23rd 2018
Role: Design / Engineering
  • Godot
  • GDScript
  • Aseprite