A minimal watchface for Pebble, Pebble Time, and Pebble Time Round with a focus on the essentials.



I created this watchface as a study of simplifying how important information is displayed. I wanted to reduce the displayed elements down to only the most necessary items and find simpler ways to communicate important information.

In addition to the date and time, Linum features a battery bar and displays weather conditions that have been paired down to reduce noise and provide a small visual footprint. Linum's weather conditions fall into categories (sunny/clear, rainy/wet, snowy/icy, or cloudy/unclear) instead of specific conditions, so at a glance you can see if you should grab a jacket, umbrella, or shades when leaving the house or office.

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Status: Completed
Created: June, 9th 2016
Role: Design / Engineering
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • Pebble SDK
  • CSS