An advertainment exploitation shooter about a crazy soda tycoon and his crusade to end health food propaganda.



Fizzlebomber is a game made in collaboration with Item Crate games. We joined up to compete in the 2018 Game Jam PGH in Pittsburgh, PA. The theme of this jam was "Complementary Colors", so we set out to craft a game that at it's core felt very satisfying to play while implementing the theme in a clever and challenging way.

From the start we decided that we would create a simple game loop with a surreal and fun atmosphere. We wanted to spend any extra development cycles focused on improving the game feel and providing a high level of polish.

We we're heavily inspired by "advertainment" games of our childhood. So, we sought out to create a game in a similar vein as those. To create the surreal atmosphere that we wanted, we created a mascot to be the overall spokesperson for the game, Dr. Fizzlebaum. The mascot then turned into a CEO of Fizzlebaum Soda Company, and we built story around that company releasing this game as anti-health food propoganda.

The gameplay was heavily inspired by Galaga and other shooters of that genre. We crafted enemies out of various fruits, vegatables, and other healthy consumables. The player would control a flying soda machine, the Fizzlebaum Soda Bomber 3000. By using the machine's Fizzlebaum Flavor Selector, the player could switch the flavors of soda that they will launch at the enemies. To damage the enemies, the soda flavor's color must be matched to the enemies that represent their complementary color.

At the 2018 Game Jam Pittsburgh, Fizzlebomber was awarded the first place prize and a booth at the ReplayFX gaming convention held in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Status: Completed
Created: June, 29th 2018
Role: Design / Engineering
  • Godot
  • GDScript
  • Aseprite