Candy Quota

A communal candy collecting adventure in a temporary world.


Candy Quota is a passive multiplayer game about working together in an unstable world that only exists during the month of October. Everyone works together by harvesting candies that are used to power a strange machine that raises a massive ladder into the sky. Each player's contributions are shared with all players in the world, so that together we can raise the ladder to see what awaits above...


  • Explore a spooky world and gather as much candy as you can!
  • Use candy to access new areas and feed the mysterious mouth at the town center.
  • Explore with others via passive multiplayer (Ghosts!)
  • Search for stars to unlock new accessories (masks, hats, etc)
  • Play minigames to earn more candy!
  • Chill out at the cinema and watch spooky movie trailers.
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Status: Completed
Created: October, 18th 2021
Updated: October, 1st 2023
Role: Design / Engineering
  • Godot
  • Aseprite
  • FL Studio