Log #6


Watching people play the games you create can often be an anxiety-inducing experience. While it is thrilling to see folks experience what you've created, you naturally wince at every small mistake that you notice while they are playing. Sometimes the player notices, and sometimes they don't.

I feel fortunate that my game Midnight Manor has found a small community of talented speed runners. Recently, they've been live streaming a lot which has given me some great opportunities to shadow their play styles, learn more about how players play the game, and identify bugs.

One runner in particular has become a good friend. I've talked to him regularly since he first picked up the game. His bug repots and gameplay suggestions have been instrumental in improving the overall quality of the game. So much so, that I have decided to credit him the the game for his dedication to testing and helping build a community for the game online.

It’s interesting how this dialog started and I’m thankful for all of the great things that has come from it.

I’ll be releasing Midnight Manor on Steam in a couple months, and while I’m excited to open up the game to a new audience the same anxiety lies in wait.

Logged on August, 6th 2022