Dudebro II

A NeoGAF community-developed indie game set to mock the current state of the gaming industry.

Project Overview

Dudebro began with an offhand comment made by a user named Cuyahoga on the NeoGAF forum. Cuyahoga made up the title to mock another user who accused him of being a pedophile because he purchased and enjoyed the game Imagine: Babyz Fashion. The title was a source of inspiration, and the NeoGAF users Jocchan, Thetrin and Mik2121 took the initiative in the actual conception of the game. They were then followed by a large number of posters who began discussions, collaborating on the ideas and assets for a real game. Eventually, Will Goldstone (who wrote a book on Unity) became involved with programming. The newborn project caught immediately the attention of the gaming press.

Various NeoGAF users were able to get Jon St. John to voice the titular character, John Dudebro. St. John is notable for being the voice actor for the character Duke Nukem in the Duke Nukem game franchise. The game was originally scheduled for release in summer 2010, but was then subsequently delayed due to the open volunteer-based work schedule. Currently, Dudebro's application source code is open to all NeoGAF members who are willing to contribute to the game's improvement.

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Project Details

Status: Completed
Date: December, 10th 2009
Role: Designer
  • Photoshop