Cleaner Gmail

A Chrome extension to simplify, correct, and remove certain elements of the Gmail interface while remaining respectful to the official Gmail design.

Project Overview

Using only CSS, this extension can efficiently modify Gmail interface elements so that you experience no unnecessary load or weight on your browser.

Invite A Friend Removed

I think we can all agree that pretty much everyone is completely aware of Gmail now, eh? This should have definitely disappeared with the "beta" tag on the Gmail logo, but for some reason it hasn't. So, I decided to get rid of it. I can't say that I ever used it and really have no need to use it now because nearly everyone I know is using Gmail already. So, sayonara invite box!

Chat/To-do Heading Balance

Okay, I'll admit that this is one of my goofy OCD modifications. The heading boxes for the chat and to-do windows are two different heights! I constantly have both open and it would drive me nuts looking at it. So, something had to be done about that now, didn't it? Gmail team - please don't let stuff like this leak onto your new update!

Subdued Footer

By setting lowering the opacity of the footer we can keep that information a bit more muted. When you want to see the information a simple hover of that area will return the opacity to it's original setting.

Project Details

Status: Retired
Date: January, 2nd 2011
Role: Developer
  • CSS
  • JavaScript