Log #9

Greener Grass Awaits

Greener Grass Awaits Release Trailer

Indie horror games are a dime a dozen nowadays and only rarely will one stand out to me. Greener Grass Awaits completely caught me off guard. I don't think there is a single element that I disliked. The entire game felt so sure of itself and confident on the delivery of its parts.

I've spent a couple weeks trying to figure out why it has its hooks in me...

The core of it boils down to the entire experience feeling harmonious. Every part complements one another - and the whole experience feels cohesively designed. There was a level of care and attention to detail that made the whole package feel very polished and well executed.

But, the thing that really hooked me was the trailer. I honestly think it might be one of the best trailers I've ever seen. It's short, atmospheric, and tells you exactly what the game is in a very short amount of time. Not to mention, I found myself rewatching it multiple times just to listen to the music.

I was compelled to play from the moment the trailer ended.

Logged on September, 28th 2023