Hello, I'm Travis.

I design small games and work to make the web a better place. Occasionally, I'll write about my experiences and the things that I create. Enjoy! 👻


  • Web Development

    A collection of my web development projects including my client work and on-going side projects that I maintain.

  • Game Design

    A collection of short experimental games that I have worked on. Commercial releases, experimental projects, & other collaborations.

  • Writing

    Occasionally, I enjoy writing about the things that I've learned and projects that I'm working on. This is a collection of those articles.

Latest Updates

  • Sack Head

    A companion application for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that provides a searchable index of the various items in the game.

  • Midnight Manor

    A short narrative-driven "pick-em-up" platformer inspired by games like Bible Adventures, Super Mario Bros 2, and Lakeview Cabin Collection.

  • Caching Particle Materials In Godot

    When using particles in Godot, it is a common problem to unintentionally introduce lag spikes in your game due to how shaders are compiled in the engine.