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Using Kirby with Vagrant

For many years I struggled with using content management systems. All of my smaller personal projects never really fit into the mold of the large, feature rich, database driven applications that were available. When I discovered the wonderful NoDB CMS called Kirby, I fell in love instantly. Every design decision that was made feels like an extension of what I would have done if I had created it myself. It is truly the happiest I ...

Latest Project

  • Linum

    Linum is a minimal watchface for Pebble, Pebble Time, and Pebble Time Round with a focus on the essentials.

Getting Started with Gulp Cover

Getting Started with Gulp

Interested in learning how to improve your project builds? Want to learn more about node.js and your command-line, but feel intimidated? I wrote Getting Started with Gulp to guide you through all of the basics necessary to get you up and running with gulp quickly and easily. With no assumption of your previous experience, I break down each step and show you how to build tasks to simplify and enhance your project workflow.